Heather Gray-Newton

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I make figurative work and my process includes the initial exploration of a subject through drawing, painting and photography. Further development may include mixed media or 3/D sketches in clay. As one medium informs and inspires the other, I respond to images and ideas as they emerge. I spend a lot of time looking often adding in something contradictory or ambiguous, in order to keep work fresh and to ensure that I remain challenged. Painting is a deeply personal experience as it harnesses feeling and intuition, reinforced by study.

In terms of subject, I am interested in the 'human condition' and in particularly, the coexisting characteristics of strength and vulnerability. In the 'Activating Rain' body of work, trees are employed as metaphor. Endangered species seem to personify strength and vulnerability at the moment, and the polar bear is featured in 'Exploring the Artic', along with fragile, melting ice. The transient ice bear sculpture captured by time-lapse photography, highlighted to me the sheer beauty of ice, so I began drawing such in great detail, setting the drawings against pure colour fields, simple shapes forming.

MA studies investigated the digital world and the unfamiliar 'landscape' presented. Vulnerability and isolation alongside our bold thirst for exploration were examined. Conclusion presented the antithesis of the digital, being to make and relate in three-dimensional space. Physicality opposed the remote.

I am a member of the well respected, Chichester based contemporary art group called ARTEL and we show together at least once per year (see Exhibitions). I paint from a home workshop and supported by 'Unity'. Work is currently sold directly or through 'YAP' Exhibitions, which has included South Kensington, London. Please also see my CV. Thank you.

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